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Benessere Moret - piscina
Benessere Moret - piscina

The process of upgrading the “Hotel Là di Moret” complex began by trying to decide, at a time of great competition and slow-down in the hotel business, how the hotel could differentiate itself from its competitors.

We have affirmed that “Hotel Là di Moret” is a “place”, while others are not, and that this capacity it has for being a place should be reinforced.
Aldo Rossi, one of my professors from Venice, used to say that “every place is remembered to the extent that it becomes a place of affection”, and that in order to obtain this result we need at least two elements: the place and the people who manage it.

“Hotel Là di Moret” must become immediately recognizable because of the architecture, especially the quality of the spaces, the refinement of the design, down to the last details and, if possible, as a place of culture and art.
The first part of the work involved the construction of a wellness center, about 1000 square meters, divided into four parts: pool, wellness, aesthetic center and garden.

The wellness and aesthetic center are closed toward the outside and organized around a little Zen garden; the swimming pool instead is open toward the garden which in turn is organized as a large green hall for open-air events.

The rooms directly overlooking the pool have an exclusive, small garden-terrace, with direct private access.
With this project Là di Moret extends the idea of hospitality to an idea of general wellness.