Architecture, essentuki, parnassius nordmanni, e mineralnye vody
A new ecological museum for the city of Essentuki

The Ohrid lake lives occupying the void left by an ancient glaciation. We live in the empty space left by our work. This is the space on which we meditated when trying to figure out how to restore an old garsonierre , built during Jugoslavian socialism. The apartment is intended to be a pied - a - terre for a small family. The challenge was to create a comfortable space for four people in just 33 sqm. The leading concept was to build a flowing void connecting every element of the living, providing different places where to stay, work, eat and rest, being at the same time airy spacious. Space flows with no interruptions from the entrance to the terrace, that becomes a second room and interface for landscape. Simplicity becomes the key for functionality and budget. When space is so little, nothing can be left to chance: materials and details were chosen to fit perfectly to the voids. The result is an intimate and relaxing apartment, where a family can spend together a week-end and rest.

mini apartment ohrid
33SQM_Living in empty spaces

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